A Brief for Research

We are studying regularly arrayed nanoclusters stabilized in porous crystals of zeolites by the wide variety of measurements, such as wide range optical spectroscopy, magnetic measurement, electron spin resonance, µSR, electric transport, etc. In zeolite crystals , such as LTA and FAU, nanocages with inside diameters of 11 and 13 Å
are arrayed in a simple cubic and diamond structures, respectively. The s-electrons of guest alkali atoms successively occupy 1s, 1p and 1d quantum electronic states of clusters by the loading of guest alkali metal into nanocages, and form the novel states likely super atoms. Novel electronic properties, such as ferromagnetism of s-electrons, metal-insulator transition, are observed in the relation with the mutual interaction of arrayed clusters, the orbital degeneracy, electron correlation, etc. Cyclotron resonance of two-dimensional electron system under the tilted magnetic fields is investigated by the use of FTIR spectrometer.

FTIR spectrometers, UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers, SQUID magnetometer, electric transport measurement system, electron spin resonance system, heat capacity measurement system, Raman scattering measurement system, Glove box, etc.

Schematic illustration of clusters arrayed in zeolite LTA crystals

Quantum states of electrons confined in nanocluster with the inside diameter of 11 Å